Bostonians: The Worst Drivers in America

crashed toy cars with hoods open

It will come as no surprise to anyone that has ever driven in Boston that Bostonians are the worst drivers in America, so says a report by Allstate Insurance in 2016. For the past three years, Boston has ranked #1 for the city with the worst drivers in America. Despite their ranking as the worst drivers for three years straight, Bostonians’ driving actually improved last year! In 2016, Bostonians had a new car crash every 7.1 years, which was a vast improvement from 2015, in which they recorded a new crash every 3.9 years. Sadly, Boston drivers are still reporting car crashes more frequently than the safest drivers in parts of Texas, who report a crash every 14.6 years.

There are various reason why Bostonians are the worst drivers in America, but the main reason is that Bostonians do not follow the rules of the road. First, turn signals are rarity in Boston. Turn signals are so rare a sighting in Boston that in 2014 the Massachusetts Police started a campaign to remind drivers to “Use Yah Blinkah.” The campaign actually lead to more drivers using their ‘blinkahs”, but it seems that alone was not enough to boost Bostonians' safe driver ranking.

Maybe we can lay some blame for Bostonians’ worst driver ranking on a driving move called the “Boston Left”. The “Boston Left” describes a driver stopped at a traffic light who doesn’t have a left-turn arrow, and who suddenly makes a left turn, cutting across the oncoming traffic before their light turns green, as seen in this Youtube video.

Another major factor for crashes in Boston is that GPS devices don’t work well in the city. Boston is an old city, with old roads and lots of one-way streets. Many GPS units cannot detect the one-way streets in Boston, resulting in drivers getting way off route. GPS units are also problematic when driving through the many tunnels under Boston, which causes the GPS units to lose signal. Uber drivers complain that using a GPS in Boston is not helpful because it constantly gets them lost.

Based on the Allstate statistics about Boston’s drivers, your best bet to avoid a car crash is to take public transportation, known as “the T”. It is the safest option and a lot cheaper than getting into a car crash. Yet, only 7.6% of Massachusetts residents take the T, which means the bulk of residents still drive. It seems likely that Bostonians will continue to be ranked as the worst drivers in America for the foreseeable future. So, if you find yourself injured in a motor vehicle crash because of a bad Bostonian driver, then contact the attorneys at Mitcheson & Lee LLP, so that they can help get you the compensation you deserve.