Case Results

    • $210,000 Settlement - Motor Vehicle Accidents $210,000.00

      $210,000 for their client who suffered a non-displaced hip fracture after being rear-ended by a commercial truck.

    • $150,000 Settlement - Motor Vehicle Accidents $150,000.00

      $150,000 for two passengers who sustained serious orthopedic injuries after the driver of the car they were in slammed into a concrete wall.

    • $250,000 Policy Limit - Motor Vehicle Accidents $250,000

      $250,000 policy limit for multiple orthopedic injuries in car crash resulting in permanent disability.

    • $300,000 Settlement - Bicycle Accident $300,000 Settlement

      Mitcheson & Lee LLP settled a case involving a 65-year-old physician who was knocked off his bicycle by an off-leash dog. The plaintiff was hospitalized for a complex hip fracture. The plaintiff's orthopedic surgeon determined that he had traumatic osteoarthritis in his hip, as a result of the accident, and would require a hip replacement eventually. Under Massachusetts law dog owners are liable for personal injuries caused by their dogs. The owners of the dog in this case had homeowners insurance, which provided them with protection. Five days before trial the attorneys at Mitcheson & Lee settled the case for $300,000.

    • $50,000 Settlement - Personal Injury $50,000 Settlement

      Mitcheson & Lee recently obtained a hard fought settlement for a homeless client that two college football players beat up. Our attorneys filed a lawsuit against the two football players in Suffolk Superior Court. There was no insurance to pay for the injuries caused to their client, but Mitcheson & Lee found a way to get the families of the players to pay $50,000 out of their own pockets for the damage that their sons caused.

    • $90,000 Settlement - Slip and Falls $90,000 Settlement

      Mitcheson & Lee won $90,000 for their client who suffered a bulging disc in her neck after falling down a slick set of marble stairs.

    • Insurance Policy Limit of $50,000 - Pedestrian Accidents Insurance policy limit of $50,000

      A pedestrian was struck by a van that reversed into his leg, causing severe knee and back injuries. The attorneys at Mitcheson & Lee LLP successfully obtained the van driver's insurance policy limit of $50,000 for the injury, the maximum amount of money possible in this instance.

    • Insurance policy limits of $50,000 - Motor Vehicle Accidents Insurance policy limits of $50,000

      Mitcheson & Lee obtained the insurance policy limits of $50,000 for a client who suffered a cut to his forehead as a passenger in car that veered off the road and struck a rock.

    • $100,000 Policy Limit - Pedestrian Accidents $100,000

      $100,000 policy limit in wrongful death pedestrian case.

    • $100,000 Settlement - Motorcycle Accidents $100,000 Settlement

      Mitcheson & Lee LLP's client was badly injured in a motorcycle crash. Three months after the crash the attorneys of Mitcheson & Lee LLP got their client a settlement of $100,000, the at-fault driver's insurance policy limit.

    • $105,000 Settlement - Dog Bites $105,000 Settlement

      Mitcheson & Lee won $105,000 for a three-year-old girl who was bitten in the face by a dog. Unfortunately, this little girl needed stitches and would likely have permanent scarring on her face as a result of the dog bite. After filing suit in Suffolk Superior Court and after two mediations and weeks before trial Mitcheson & Lee were able to settle the case for $105,000.

    • $110,000 Settlement - Motor Vehicle Accidents $110,000 Settlement

      Two people were injured in a car crash both injuring their back and knees. The attorneys at Mitcheson & Lee obtained $110,000 for them in settlement.

    • $120,000 - Premise Liability $120,000

      $120,000 for broken arm to minor at gymnastics facility