Motor Vehicle Accidents

Everyday over 90 fatalities and over 6,600 injuries happen due to motor vehicle accidents according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. In the U.S., the traffic fatality rate is over 10% per a population of 100,000 people. In Massachusetts alone, the traffic fatality rate is 4.5% per a population of 100,000. Motor vehicle accidents may include collisions with school buses, motorcycles, large trucks, pedestrians, and pedalcyclists. There are various reasons as to why a driver may be involved in a motor vehicle accident. Common causes include, but are not limited to:

  • Distracted driving.
  • Operation of a motor vehicle while alcohol-impaired.
  • Excessive speeding.
  • Inclement weather, such as heavy rain or a snow storm.
  • Inexperienced drivers, such as teenage drivers.
  • Operating a motor vehicle in low visibility settings, such as nighttime or during a storm.
  • Running a red light or stop sign.
  • Unsafe and improper turns and lane changes.
  • Automobile defects.

Motor vehicle accidents are extremely common, especially with the increase of distracted drivers and pedestrians. According to a recent article published by the Boston Globe, 1 in every 4 drivers involved in a traffic crash were found to have been using their phones right before the crash. But distracted driving includes more than just texting, it could also involve driving while adjusting audio or climate control in the car, eating or drinking, daydreaming, smoking, and or talking on the phone. Teenage drivers are the group most likely to engage in distracted driving, with about 9% of drivers through the ages of 15 and 19 involved in fatal crashes. Distracted driving impacts everyone around the driver. In 2015, 551 non-occupants were struck and killed by a distracted driver. These accidents could lead to the loss of loved ones, and or permanent bodily and emotional injuries that would require life-long medical care.

Motor vehicle lawsuits could be very difficult to pursue without professional personal injury attorneys who have experience in vehicle accident cases. Experienced attorneys would help victims find who is at fault for the accident, keep track of the time for a given case, and sort out the details of the dynamics of a collision. A motor vehicle case may be especially time sensitive. Experienced attorneys would investigate the scene of the accident as early as possible to gather evidence before it becomes compromised or destroyed.

Here at Mitcheson & Lee, our personal injury attorneys are dedicated to representing victims of motor vehicle accidents because we understand the hardships they face. The attorneys here have represented many motor vehicle accidents cases over the years. We are confident we can help you get the compensation you deserve. If you or a loved one was injured by the negligent operation of a motor vehicle, you or the loved one may be entitled to compensation for:

  • Medical Expenses.
  • Rehabilitation Expenses.
  • Lost Wages.
  • Pain & Suffering.

At Mitcheson & Lee, our knowledgeable motor vehicle accident attorneys are ready to champion your cause and obtain justice for you and your loved ones. To schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Mitcheson & Lee at (617) 939-4388 or (781) 223-3635‬.

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