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Boston Legal Malpractice Attorneys

Have You Been Mistreated by a Lawyer?

Sometimes lawyers unprofessionally and deliberately place their own self-interest above the best interest of their clients. Other times, lawyers may make a mistake that infringes upon their ability to best represent their client and advocate for their clients’ rights.

At Mitcheson & Lee LLP, we know that lawyers owe a duty to diligently provide services in the best interest of their clients. Our Boston legal malpractice attorneys are dedicated to representing clients injured because of their former lawyer’s mistreatment. We know the substantial economic and emotional costs that come with the negligent or purposefully wrongful handling of a client’s case. Because legal malpractice cases are difficult to prove, it is important that you contact an experienced legal malpractice attorney to discuss your rights if you believe you have a valid claim.

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Proving Legal Malpractice

In order to prove legal malpractice, a high burden of proof is placed on the plaintiff, the injured client. The plaintiff must prove the legal malpractice of the attorney in question and that the plaintiff would have had a successful day in court but for, or in the absence of, his former attorney’s negligence. Therefore, having a losing case alone does not mean that your attorney committed legal malpractice. A plaintiff must show that his former attorney failed to exercise due care in handling the case and that because of the attorney breach of this duty, the plaintiff lost the case and suffered financial or emotional harm.

Legal malpractice may be present where:

  • A lawyer has failed to timely file a claim or meet the filing deadline pursuant to the statute of limitations.
  • The court dismisses a case because of the lawyer’s actions, conduct, or inaction.
  • A lawyer settles a case without the consent of his client.
  • A lawyer misuses a client’s money or attorney fees.
  • A lawyer breaches attorney-client privilege or discloses information to opposing counsel used against his client in settlement or court.

Regardless of this high burden of proof, it is important to speak with an experienced attorney if you believe that a former attorney mishandled your case.

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